Describe the features of the Memory Management Unit (MMU)

Topic:Arm Cortex-A8 and Intel core i7 920.

My project is to write research. I need about 4 to 5 pages. with MlA fromat

Research and report focusing on two candidate processos: Arm Cortex-A8 and Intel core i7 920. For each processor the report shall include:

a) Description of the Architecture, highlighting features that boost performances

b) Multicore or Single core? What are the benefits and drawbacks

c) Describe the ISA that this processor supports. Any support for floating points?

d) Describe the features of the Memory Management Unit (MMU)

e) What memory types does this processor support? In other words what memory modules can be used with this processor?

f) Any high performance support for multimedia and signal processing algorithms such as video encode/decode, 2D/3D graphics, gaming, audio and speech processing, image processing, telephony, and sound synthesis?

g) Describe its Level 1 cache.

h) Describe its Level 2 cache

i) Any technology to deliver peak performance of traditional code while also providing a reduction in memory required to store instructions?

j) Does it support Dynamic Branch Prediction? What is its successful rate? How does it minimize miss-predict penalty?

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