Describe the basic activities that must be managed by the BAP.

Assume that you have been hired to provide security consultant service to a medium veterinary practice (300 employees) to help them prepare a Contingency Planning (CO) document. They have 5 buildings clustered together in a campus type setting. This veterinary practice provides hospital type services for over 100 beds, they are usually filled to capacity.  Not to mention, routine appointments on a daily basis.  They are known to have frequent tornado touch down in the immediate area.  Incident response (IR), one of the elements of CO, focuses its efforts on detecting and evaluating the severity of emerging unexpected events.  Describe the overall IR process by phase in how this company will address this force of nature attack.

You are now in the phase of developing a business continuity plan (BAP) for the same veterinary practice.  Describe the basic activities that must be managed by the BAP. Develop plans for alternate site relocation, and develop an estimated monthly budget for the alternate site operations.  Detail out the Site Resumption Strategy and the time needed to become fully operational.  Provide summary level budget information for the site resumption strategies you did not choose and defend your recommendation.


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