Describe the appearance of the artwork using art vocabulary. How does it fit in with the rest of the show?

Museum location is Crocker Art Musuem in Sacramento CA. Include the location and title of the show. Give an overview of the entire show. Then choose one artwork (it would be “Fandango” by Charles Nahl), Describe the appearance of the artwork using art vocabulary. How does it fit in with the rest of the show? What do you believe the artist is trying to say? What devices were used to communicate this? Was the artist successful?


Things to Look For When Viewing Art and taking notes The following will help when writing this essay. This list gives you an idea of what to look for when you go to a gallery or museum. Consider topics which are most relevant to the work you are viewing. Look at the artwork and find your own meaning before reading the title. Galleries and museums usually have a copy of the artist’s statement for visitors to read, but it is more interesting if you come to your own conclusions about the work before reading the artist’s statement. • What is the mood (jarring, relaxing, pleasant, upsetting, harmonious, etc.)? What elements create the mood (line, color, texture, design, composition)? • What do you notice about the composition and pattern? What about the line quality (bold, delicate, tight, gestural)? Use the Art Elements and Principles of Design. • Does the size of the art object affect your impression of it? • Is there an element of surprise or the unexpected? • What technique was used? Is the process apparent? • Can you associate it with an artistic style or idea (classical nonrepresentational, abstract, surrealistic, etc.)? • How should you view it (from a distance, in the round, in natural light, etc.)? • What do you think the artist is trying to say? What is the purpose of this piece? • Is it a personal statement by the artist or is it a more general universal idea. Can you relate to it on a personal level? • How could the idea be carried further? What might the artist do next? • Could the piece be improved? How? • In what settings would you expect to see this artwork? Please attach your assignment with label of last name and assignment # as a word document. Use standard formatting with one inch margins and 12 pt. Times font. Cite sources in text and in a works cited section.


General paper requirements You must meet these requirements satisfactorily to receive a passing grade for the assignment! • The essay should be three typed pages, double-spaced with one-inch margins. (a 4 page double spaced paper is 2000 words minimum) • The essay should be titled. • • Please cite all sources and include a works cited or references page in addition to the minimum page requirement

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