Describe Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination.

In this Discussion, you evaluate the theories of prejudice and discrimination in society and examine methods for reducing prejudices in an applied setting. In order to prepare for this Discussion, read and review this weeks Learning Resources especially the website, Understanding Prejudice, and other scholarly research, and locate examples that support or challenge the theories and models of prejudice encountered this week.

Discussion Question (500 words).

1.Is prejudice inevitable? Make an informed argument in response to this question, using theories and models of prejudice and discrimination in social psychology.
2.Describe a scenario in which prejudice or discrimination is evident. Suggest one strategy for its reduction in an applied setting, drawing from a theoretical perspective introduced in your reading for this week.
Support your response with references to additional scholarly research and the Learning Resources.

1). Support the Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation (including URL where applicable).
2). All sources must be scholarly.
3. Include In-text citations and references ALL in the APA format.

Agerstrm, J., & Rooth, D. (2011). The role of automatic obesity stereotypes in real hiring discrimination. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96(4), 790805.

Dick, S. (2008). Homophobic hate crime: The Gay British Crime Survey 2008. Stonewall. Retrieved from:

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