Describe in your own words the nature of the problem and the mission of the company.

For this Portfolio Project option, you will take the role of an Organizational Development Leadership Consultant. You have been hired to create a plan from a Cognitive Psychology and Strategic Leadership perspective for upper management, which will identify ineffective organizational development procedures and recommend innovative, collaborative, evidence-based leadership and employee professional development programs.

You may base your response on a department or organization in which you have worked, but no real names may be used. Academic confidentiality must be maintained with regard to the inclusion of names, images, and details (e.g., name of the organization; identifying factors such as, but not limited to, location; and other details within a student’s work—including appendices, charts, photos, and tables—that would allow an individual or actual company to be identified). This also extends to related stakeholders, boards of directors, company leaders, service users, colleagues, and organizations.

Use the models, theories, and research you have studied in this course. Keep in mind the culture of the organization and the dynamics of the group, department, and organization.


You must address the following in your plan:


Describe in your own words the nature of the problem and the mission of the company. What are the internal and external environments; for example, location, number of employees, products, distribution?

Review at least four of the leadership models, approaches, and/or theories discussed or read during this course. Justify their appropriate applications as related to your recommendations for organizational leadership change.

Discuss the importance of understanding diversity, culture, and gender issues in your organization and provide specific examples/scenarios.

Describe and justify your plan based on theory, ethical and professional conduct, and sustainability of the plan to enhance organizational effectiveness.



You must incorporate 10 to 12 scholarly sources If you choose a slide presentation, it must include 15 slides, not counting the required title and reference slides and speaker/lecture notes for each slide.

For slide presentations, you may use PowerPoint


Format your presentation according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
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