Describe how we tested for water quality. What parameters were tested, and how?

Results: Include the results of different organisms found. ( Group 1 Pollution Intollerant: Water Snipefly, Group 2 Semi-Sensitive: Crawfish, Group 3 Semi-Tolerant: Non-Red Midge Larva, Group 4 Tolerant to Pollutants: Tubifex Worm, Blood Worm) This section should also include the pH(6.5), temperature(13.6 C), a general description of the area of the stream tested (Secluded and wooded) and the Stream Monitoring Biotic Index Value= 2.75

Discussion: What was the overall quality of your area of this stream? Explain your calculations. This section should also include answers to the following questions:

Which of your observed or measured factors indicate higher quality water?

Which of your observed or measured factors indicate lower quality water?

Why might you find a low Stream Monitoring Biotic Index Value, even if the chemical and physical parameters you measured are within limits for “good” water quality?

If you found indications of pollution, what might be some of the sources for this pollution in your streams water shed? (liter, bricks, people, animals)

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