Describe at least three software tools that can help you revise and polish a document.

1.  Describe at least three software tools that can help you revise and polish a document.


A: Software tools such as revision marks and commenting keep track of proposed editing changes electronically and provide a history of a document’s revisions. A spell checker compares your document with an electronic dictionary, highlights unrecognized words, and suggests correct spellings. A computer thesaurus gives you alternative words much more quickly than a printed thesaurus does. A grammar checker provides limited help with issues such as noun-verb agreement problems and items you should consider changing (such as passive voice, long sentences, or words that tend to be misused or overused). Finally, a style checker monitors your word choice and sentence structure and suggests alternatives that might produce more effective meaning.


2.  Briefly explain the difference between word processing software and desktop publishing software.




3.  Briefly explain the difference between descriptive headings and informative headings.




4.  Briefly explain what the opening of a document should accomplish.




5.  List at least two examples of community participation websites, and briefly explain what these websites are designed to accomplish.




6. Describe four important issues to consider when distributing business messages.




7.  What are seven guidelines to keep in mind when creating content for business-related social media?




8. Explain how inappropriate use of e-mail at work can lead to legal problems.




9.  Explain how to apply the three-step writing process to instant messages.




10.  Give at least three examples of how podcasts could replace more traditional message formats in business.




This week you learned about short messaging styles, such as those used in instant messaging and text messaging, and compared them to scholarly writing and business writing.  It is known that language and writing evolves over time and there is a push by some English scholars to evolve the English language in such a way that text-type shortcuts are acceptable ways to write in U.S. English.  Research and identify two sources that are behind this movement and write a position paper explaining whether you agree with that position or not.  Be sure to back up your viewpoint with at least two scholarly sources and cite and reference in APA format.  Your submitted paper should be at least four pages in length and in APA format.






PART III: Journal




Write a two page APA formatted paper in which you review the primary material you learned this week, describe at least two ways that you can apply the material, and source the original reference using APA format.

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