Demonstrates evidence of graduate-level writing mechanics

Topic: International Trade


  • Mercantilism
  • Absolute Advantage
  • Comparative Advantage
  • Product Life-Cycle Theory
  • National Competitive Advantage






  1. You must have at least 5,000 (min 1,000 sub-category) excluding title & reference pages
  2. Shows depth and understanding of the subject
  3. Thesis for paper is clearly identified and logically developed throughout the paper
  4. Reasoning is sound, compelling, and well supported
  5. Peer-reviewed articles
  6. Articles are synthesized and integrated effectively
  7. There is sufficient research cited to support arguments
  8. New information from articles addresses similarities and differences
  9. Demonstrates evidence of graduate-level writing mechanics
  10. The running head title of the case assignment must be abbreviated and inserted on the top far left corner
  11. Proper in-text citations were made
  12.  Less than 10% TURNITIN
Type of paper Academic level Subject area
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