demonstrate an update that includes two tables and uses a sub query.

Your final task is to use your tables for an update and for reports. There are two requirements.

  1. You will demonstrate an update that includes two tables and uses a sub query. Make sure to prove that your update executed correctly by showing data in the tables before and after the update.
  2. You will also develop at least four meaningful reports. One must include a join, one must use a sub query, and one must use an aggregate function. You need to describe the business requirement of the update and each report. Note that numeric PK values are not often meaningful to a person looking at the report.You will create a script file that has each of the queries called your name_task3.text. You will also document the results of this task in a Word document called your name_reports.doc to show the result of each query. For the update and each report,
    • describe the update and report requirement;
    • show the query; and
    • show the result of the query.

    Include a final section for Conclusions and Lessons Learned regarding the project.

    Note that your deliverables each week include any revisions to a previous task.

    Submit your Task 3 deliverable as a zip file including the following.

    • Task 0 proposal (with any revisions)
    • Your Task 1 RED (with any revisions)
    • Your Task 1 DD (with any revisions)
    • Your Task 2 script file to create and populate tables (with any revisions)
    • A Word document showing all tables and data (with any revisions)
    • Your Task 3 script file with update and reports (your name_task3.text)
    • A Word file with results of Task 3 and lessons learned (your name_reports.doc)
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