Demonstrate ample evidence, with minimum of 250 words, exhibit thorough research that CONTRIBUTES meaningful information USING the text Chapts 1 and 2 ONLY

Please respond to the post “content” answers already provided below, : Norton, Mary Beth et. al. A People and A Nation, Vol. I, to 1877. Advantage (9th) edition. Boston: Wadsworth (Cengage Learning), 2012. Print copy ISBN: 978-0-495-91525-6 (9th edition) (it has a black lady on the cover!).AND another scholarly source. 2 total
NOTE* Unacceptable:Wikipedia,, etc. are NOT SCHOLARLY SOURCES. ALSO Unacceptable: Use of dictionaries and encyclopedias or content from OTHER general U.S. History textbooks or online “lectures” DO NOT demonstrate THOROUGH RESEARCH.
Original/Insightful:Largely “original” content; includes insightful analysis of the supplied answer below, interpretation(s), conclusion(s) based on evidence–NOT OPINION.
Scholarly Writing: College-level syntax, diction, & conventions (grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.) for standard American English.
Facts & Citation: Grounded in the text AND other scholarly sources, all evidence cited as per MLA style (using BOTH in-text–parenthetic–citations and a Works Cited list) and textbook facts MUST include pg # references for the “in-text” citations.

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