Demographic Diversity and Civic Engagement in California: The Hispanic Voice in Governance

You have asked for a list of possible or acceptable topics for your final paper.  Here are a list of paper topics that were acceptable in a previous term:

  • Public Engagement in the 214 Toll Road Extension
  • Demographic Diversity and Civic Engagement in California:  The Hispanic Voice in Governance
  • Community Dialogue in the Process of Building Support for Sustaniable Communities
  • Civic Engagement and Affordable Housing
  • Civic Engagement and it’s Role in Setting the Public Agenda
  • Civic Engagement and Social Media
  • Civic Engagement and the National Parks Service
  • The Role of Civic Engagement in Community Problem Solving
  • The Role of Community Dialogue in Building Awareness for Climate Change

In addition, please check out Web Sites” for an a list of Civic Engagement Sources.  For instance, the Civic Engagement Institute at USC is studying the role of Neighborhood Councils in local governance.  There’s a wealth of information on their site.

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