Define the effects of that technology on society.

Examine any existing and well developed technology.
Define the effects of that technology on society.
There is a date boundary for this paper – 1850 to present day. As an example you could examine what effect the telegraph had on society. The paper must also examine what existing technology was displaced by the “new” technology. Areas to examine include impact on jobs, economic changes, and displaced manufacturers.Large images and supporting data may be added in the appendices – no page limit on Appendices.No papers are to be written about the Internet, computer or cell phone technologies!
–Describe how the technology affected society, great or small
–Describe what technology was displaced by the “new” technology that is the focus of your paper
–Properly document your sources
–No technologies directly tied to the Internet, cell phones, or computers.
•Siting sources is OK, but it is your paper
•This is your paper, not a team project
•Flow of the paper
•Proper citations
•Thoroughness of thought – how complete is your argument
•Microsoft Word helps, but watch spelling, paragraph layout, sentence structure, etc
Type of paper Academic level Subject area
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