Define social construction of nature

I need help with a paper its urgent and due in less than 12 hours. I will attach all the requirements. Please pay attention to the time limit. I am at a freaking out stage. Its only 6 paragraphs, so about 3 pages.





Added instructions: Please (Define social construction of nature) in the first paragraph + (treadmill production) I will be providing the the concept of treadmill production’s definition in the attachments.

Please read the entire instructions in the attachments and follow them carefully. You have to write about a positive and a negative food experience, it could be food or a beverage. I have had a negative experience with eating pigeons as it is a famous dish in Egypt and that is were I had it. it tasted weird like I could not tell wether it was similar to chicken or beef, it was something kind of in between. but I definitely did not like it. you can elaborate and exaggerate, basically build the paragraph around that. A positive experience could be sushi, I am originally from Saudi Arabia sushi is not a big thing back home, I first had it when I came to the U.S I fell in love with it, it was light and delicious. I have a very sensitive stomach so a lot of foods tend to irritate it, and that is why sushi was a positive experience because it filled me up and did not upset my stomach, which is kind of rare in my case.

you can build your essay around those two examples.

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