Define, discuss, and apply THREE terms from Chapter 3 on “Culture”



Answer the essay question below for 100 possible points. Place each key term in italics within answers. Include a reference page as the final page of your midterm (see example reference page at the end of this document).




View the video, “Opie’s Hobo Friend.”


Define, discuss, and apply THREE terms from Chapter 3 on “Culture” (terms listed and defined on page 74).


Make a separate section for each key term discussed and applied (see formatting at the end of this document). Begin each section by discussing and defining the key term and placing the term in italics. State the specific definition for the key term (directly quote your book or another source). Discuss the key term in detail after citing the definition. Explain how the key term is evident in or can be applied to a scene or scenes in the video. Repeat this process for the 2nd key term.


List of Possible Key Terms: (use any terms from chapter 3 is only suggestive)


Chapter 3: Argot, culture, discovery, folkway, formal norm, informal norm, innovation, mores, subculture, symbol, technology, value.




            Follow the formatting example below to organize your midterm essay.


            Introduce your essay with a brief opening paragraph discussing what you will do in the essay. Title the section Introduction. Conclude your essay with a final paragraph briefly discussing what you addressed in the essay. Title the section Conclusion. An abbreviated example opening introduction paragraph is below.


Question #1




This essay defines, discusses, and applies two sociological key terms. The two applied sociological terms are resocialization and value…  The two sociological concepts are discussed relative to the video, “Opie’s Hobo Friend”…


Key Term #1: Sanction


The concept of sanction in Sociology is defined as “a penalty of reward for conduct concerning a social norm” (Schaefer 2016: 75). Sanction is an important sociological concept because it applied to….(detailed discussion follows here)


Sanction is evident in the video, “Opie’s New Hobo Friend” in the scene where Opie is being taught by his Hobo friend to….(detailed discussion follows here)


Repeat the same pattern described above for Key Terms #2 and #3, changing the term # in the section headings.




            This essay defined, discussed, and applied three sociological key terms. The three applied sociological terms were… The three sociological terms were discussed relative to the video, “Opie’s Hobo Friend”…

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