Define, compare, contrast and discuss the terms “criminal profiling” and “racial profiling”.

This assignment will explore criminal profiling, a high-profile issue facing law enforcement. The terms, “criminal profiling” and “racial profiling” are often confused and confusing to many individuals. Write a paper that addresses the following points:


  • Define, compare, contrast and discuss the terms “criminal profiling” and “racial profiling”.
  • Identify what is being done to curb or prevent racial profiling in your area/state? Provide and cite specific examples of statutes, laws and/or efforts in your state that attempt to stop racial profiling by law enforcement.
  • Find an online article with a current event example of “racial profiling” by law enforcement (within the past 3 years). Briefly describe the incident and then post the link to the incident (article, video, news report, etc.) in your paper.


The paper must be prepared in MS Word, double-spaced and be properly cited and referenced in APA format. The paper must include a title page, reference page, abstract page and a minimum of 3 full double-spaced pages of meaningful discussion (title page, abstract page and reference page do not count as part of the 3 pages of meaningful discussion). You are expected to write professionally with correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Your work should be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins all around. When citing resources, you must adhere strictly to APA style




All assignments must be your own original work and you are not allowed to turn in papers for this course that you have used previously for another course (even if it is from taking this very course during a previous session)

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