Define and discuss the presence and impact of landscape and nature in Marina Carr’s By the Bog of Cats.

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All of these questions, in some way, relate to the plays we discussed in class.

Choose  ONE question from this list for your final paper and answer it to your best ability .

You  are required to use at least 2 sources other than the play text as well as quotes  from the play text to support your findings. Wikipedia, Book rags, Spark notes, Cliff notes,  etc. are NOT legitimate sources. I am happy to suggest appropriate sources that will help you with your writing.


1. Using secondary sources , quotes from the plays and your own deductions,  to  compare and contrast Marina Carr’s  By the Bog of Cats and Euripides’  Medea in terms of their shared themes relating to myth and fate.


2.Euripides’  Medea follows the tragedy of the title character. Euripides was very interested in his depictions of women on the stage and as a result, he chose to craft his female characters very carefully. Discuss the roles of the female characters in Medea  and what consequence they have on both the protagonist and the outcome of the play.

3.Define and discuss the presence and impact of landscape and nature in Marina Carr’s By the Bog of Cats.


4.On stage, the image of the home has often been defined as a place of confinement for women in which, they often feel fear or anxiety.Where  does Hester feel most at home and why? How do images of Hester’s home reflect her inner self?


5.Shepard wrote the play ‘’Fool For Love” in 1983 and the screenplay, in 1985 in which, he would play the role of Eddie. Robert Altman was the film’s director with Kim Kissinger as ‘May’. Shepard was essentially able to make two different versions of the same story within the confines of  two different mediums — stage and screen. This question asks you to  watch the film version of “Fool For Love” and compare and contrast the  different ideas as well as the similarities between the two versions and what these aspects say about the core story.


6.Memory and remembering, is a major source of conflict within, “Fool For Love.” Define the role memory plays for each of the major characters, with particular emphasis on the characters’ relationship to their shared past and the ‘old man’.

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