Define agency theory. Describe agency costs in three to four sentences and give examples.

Individual Assignment 1




Answer the questions below and submit as a Word document. Remember to support your answers from the text or readings or videos. You will be graded on content (80%), organization of your thoughts (10%), and grammar/spelling, including punctuation (10%). Failure to support work will result in a 50% penalty on your grade. Please double space,use 1” margins on the assignment, APA format, and use intext citations.



Complete answers are necessary, and it is also essential to discuss support — that is, who else (a reputable source) agrees with your answer. (See critical thinking in Start Here.) You may use your text as well as the readings and videos given in the class for support in most cases. Wikipedia is not a reputable source.



Simply quoting or giving the answers from the book is not enough. You must go beyond this and state where the information is from (a reputable source). In addition, you must give examples that support your answer. For example, if I ask about types of structure, it is not enough to list them — you must state where you got the information and give examples that are not in the book that show that you understand the concepts.






  1. List the three economic goals that guide the strategic direction of business organizations. Write a paragraph on each of them, explaining them and giving examples.


  2. Define agency theory. Describe agency costs in three to four sentences and give examples.


  3. Define strategic control. Describe how managers use strategic control and give examples from a management perspective in two to three paragraphs.


  4. List the three levels of strategy in an organization. Describe them briefly in one paragraph each, giving examples.
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