Decision Tree Analysis

Imagine you have your MBA degree and have just been hired as Assistant to the Vice President. Your boss tells you that the company is thinking about building a new hotel. The success of the hotel will depend on many factors such as:  the direction of the economy; if there are meeting rooms or not; if they have a cafeteria and a full service restaurant of just a cafeteria: if they have a pool and gym; if they cater to buisiness of tourist and so on. She tells you that she recalls reading something about Decision Tree analysis and Bayes Theorem as a good way to do this kind of analysis. She asks you to look into this and prepare a presentation showing her (and the rest of top mananagement) what Decision Tree analysis is all about and how it could help them decide if (and how)they should go ahead on the new hotel.

Show your boss what an MBA graduate is capable of — and send me a copy of the presentation you will make to top management when you present your report at the Monday October 5th Board Meeting.

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