Cyber Bullying

With Social Networking Sites (SNS) becoming more popular and easier to use people are becoming more aware of the effects of cyber bullying. Bulling has been around sense the dawn of time and is accepted as a normal part of childhood so why is cyber bulling such a big issue? In this paper I will be analyzing how cyber bulling is done, what are the effects of cyber bulling, and some possibly solutions to have stop bullying. Cyber bulling is a new breed of bulling that continues to grow exponentially as more people sign up on SNS sites. According to the UCLA Internet Report (2003), which surveyed behavior and attitudes about Internet use and nonuse of 2,000 households throughout the United States, it is estimated that 91% of children between 12 to 15 years of age and almost 99% of adolescents between 16 and 18 years of age use the Internet. With “an estimated one fourth of all students were bullied (Lee, 1993); (b) more than 160,000 students missed school each day as a result of the fear of being bullied (Lee, 1993); and (c) 54% of 504 high school students in Grades 9–12 were bullied within the past 30 days (Wong-Lo & Bullock 65).”  If your being cyber bullied why don’t you just get off the Internet or SNS? That is easier said than done, note above that almost 99% of teen use the Internet. That’s because the Internet is not just about doing research or playing games, the Internet has become a huge part of social life.

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