Culture Analysis Paper: Analyze an organizational culture.

 Culture Analysis Paper

Analyze an organizational culture. This could be the organization at work ,

or it could be some other organization to which you have access. Remember that clubs, associations,

and churches can be considered organizations.


Research (data gathering) should include (but does not need to be limited to) mainly primary sources.


Primary data is the data collected by the researcher themselves, i.e.



action research

case studies

life histories


ethnographic research


Secondary sources are data that already exists

Previous research

Official statistics

Mass media products



Government reports

Web information

Historical data and information


Collect your data and analyze it. Describe how you collected the data (observation, interviews, surveys).


Then, analyze the organizational culture along three dimensions: artifacts, values, and underlying assumptions.


Give examples of behavior, speech, or symbols that illustrate your findings. This paper should be 7 pages in length.

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