Critically analyze and discuss the topic utilizing course material to support your claims.

This assignment asks you to write an 8 page paper that demonstrates your ability to
engage course material
(lecture, readings, film, discussion) and incorporate it with your own insight and
perspectives on a
particular text, issue, event, phenomenon, debate, etc. related to the cultural
politics of sport. The topic
is wide open for you to choose but it must be relevant to sports and course themes.
Keep in mind that this
is a relatively short paper and broad topics simply will not receive adequate
attention within that space.
This is an academic position paper not an opinion piece — DO NOT simply offer
personal views or anecdotes on
the topic, rather critically analyze and discuss the topic utilizing course material
to support your claims.
Most important to this assignment is your capacity to demonstrate that you have
engaged the themes, subjects,
theories and conversations of this course and can critically apply them to a
particular topic.
As such, YOU
engage a theme, idea,
argument, claim or otherwise from course readings).
While it is not necessary to go outside of course material for data, resources or
other information, some of
you may wish or need to consult other sources as they inform your topic. The
internet can be a useful
resource, however be aware that it is vital that you clearly document the source of
any authors or resources
that you reference or quote (including websites). The paper MUST be original and
written for this course.

Please give me the reference page. Reference page is not include in this 8 pages. So please give me a paper for 9 pages including the reference page.

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