Critical review is of the book The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism by Max Weber.

This critical book is over the book The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism by Max Weber.



  1. Summary(20 pts.) – in student’s own words (not student’s opinion) to include the book’s point of view, frame of reference, main point(s) and/or its major hypothesis (usually found in the introduction or opening paragraphs), and summarizing the main events/ points in the order they happened in the book using signal words such as “first it was stated,” “second,” “next,” and “finally.”



  1. Critical Analysis Discussion(40 pts.) – In no less than 700 words (and in more words than the summary) a critical analysis of the book which will be graded as follows:
    • Overall Critical Analysis Discussion (8 pts.) 
    • Critical Analysis Points (4 pts. each = 32 pts.) – should include in the following order:



      1. Premise –The student stated that the main premise/point of the book including the issue/problem involved
      2. Relevance –The student stated that the book’s relevance to the course
      3. Course principles In regard to course principles discussed in the subject book the student stated
      4. Evidence– The student stated that the most significant evidence (i.e., facts, statistics, studies, etc.) used in the book and whether the evidence proved the book’s point or premise and if so and if not why not.
      5. Conclusion– the student stated whether the conclusion(s) reached is valid and if so why and if not why not
      6. Author’s affect –As to how the author’s background, time, place and/or biases the student stated
      7. Book’s impact – On the student including any previous ideas, biases and thoughts the student had on this subject that were changed, abandoned or reinforced and if so how and why.
      8. Recommendation– Whether the student recommends the book and why or why not.


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