Critical Autoethnography

In this course, we have discussed access to opportunity, the impacts of rationalization on society, and inequality by class, race, and gender.  These are not just abstract concepts that exist in some neutral space elsewhere.  All of us are impacted by social structures.  For this paper, you will apply your sociological imagination to your own life.


For instance, you could choose to tell your opportunity story, drawing on concepts we discussed from “Outliers”.  You could describe how your life has been impacted by McDonaldization at school or work.  You could discuss how your racial or gender identity was formed and/or how it impacts your relationships, career trajectory, or other experiences.  You could choose a “magnified moment” to analyze, an event in your life that was particularly striking in terms of what it taught you about opportunity, race, or gender. Do not try to do all of these things, pick one topic and organize your paper around that one topic.


The paper should be 4-5 content pages long, be written clearly, and must feature at least one class reading/concept prominentlyThere should be a clear main argument or narrative in your paper.  Don’t just give me a series of discrete events and how they relate to different class concepts.  You should have a main point that your argument and/or narrative supports.


You do not need to use any sources outside of class materials, but if you do use outside sources please cite them both in text and in a bibliography at the end of the paper.  I do not care what format (MLA, Chicago, etc) you use, just be consistent.


Format requirements:

Double spaced

1 inch margins

12 point font

Numbered pages

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: