Criminals of the Bible by Mark Jones

This assignment is a to-the-point summary and evaluation of one of the following books:

Criminals of the Bible by Mark Jones

The critique must include a title page and abstract (not included in the 5–7 page count for the body of the paper). Use APA format for running head, margins, page numbers, in-text citations, references, etc. Analysis must be supported with at least 3 scholarly criminal justice references.

Additonal requirements are provided below


•    Is there a proper APA abstract (length, content, style)?

•    Does it concisely convey the content of the Book Critique?


•    Are the transitions between paragraphs and sections clear?

•    Is the critique logically oriented?


•    Are the issues raised in the book thoroughly analyzed from a criminal justice using at least three (3) scholarly criminal justice sources?

•    Are issues analyzed from a biblical/Christian worldview perspective and using scripture passages?

•    Are passages from the book properly utilized and integrated into the critique?

•    Does the conclusion offer a good summary of key issues addressed in the book?


•    Is the critique without spelling and grammar errors?

•    Does the critique properly use current APA style?

•    Does the critique reflect a graduate-level vocabulary?

•    Is the body of the critique the appropriate length (5–7 pages)?

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