Create the Systems Implementation Plan document shell that includes the sections denoted below.

create the Systems Implementation Plan document shell that includes the sections denoted below. As you progress through each project phase, you will add the necessary content to each section of the capstone project document. Appropriate research and collaboration between team members should be conducted to support the multi-disciplinary solution. Any assumptions must be documented within the final document..

  • Use Word (APA formatting) to create the Systems Implementation Plan document shell.
    • Title Page
      • Course number and name
      • Project name
      • Names, project roles, and IT specialization for each team member
      • Date
    • Table of Contents (TOC)
      • Use an autogenerated TOC.
        • This should be on a separate page.
      • Update the fields of the TOC so that it is up-to-date before submitting your project.
    • Section Headings (Create each heading on a new page with TBD as content, except for sections listed under New Content below.)
      • Executive Summary (Week 5 – Individual Activity: 1-2 pages)
      • Section One: Planning and System Requirements (Week 1: 5 to 7 pages)
      • Section Two: System Analysis (Week 2: 6 to 8 pages)
      • Section Three: System Design (Week 3: 5 to 7 pages)
      • Section Four: System Development (Week 4 – Final Submission: 8 to 10 pages)
      • Section Five: System Implementation and Maintenance (Week 5 – Individual Activity: 3 to 4 pages)
      • Final Insights of Capstone Project (Week 5 – Individual Activity: 1 to 2 pages)

Create a Word document according to the above specified items. This will serve as your template for the capstone project for the course. Throughout the course, you will develop and insert content into your template.

New Content for Week 1: Planning and System Requirements

For this week’s contribution to the overall capstone project, you will specify the pertinent requirements, propose the necessary solution elements (related to the IT disciplines), and develop a high level plan for implementing the solution. . This first section of the Systems Implementation Plan should answer the following questions:

  • What specific and detailed requirements are addressed in the solution, and how?
  • What does Verbania need from an IT perspective to set up the needed infrastructure?
  • What is included in the solution’s hardware and software infrastructure?

Include a high level network diagram that illustrates the required hardware/software infrastructure on the company’s premise. Explain access from the perspective of employee (internal and external access) and end user (remote access).

Prepare 5-7 pages of content describing Planning and System Requirements. Insert content into the template document under Section One. Submit the complete document containing all elements of the activities thus far.

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