Create a Human Resource Strategic Plan for the CEO using the information listed above and the details you have regarding the refurbishment.

Strategic Plan

  1. Create a Human Resource Strategic Plan for the CEO using the information listed above and the details you have regarding the refurbishment.

The manager requires the plan to be completed and implemented within six weeks.


Your HR strategic plan must include the following:

  • An introduction or purpose for the plan
  • At least four goals.
  • A justification for each of the goals that outlines the relevance of each goal to the business strategic goals.
  • At least two objectives for each of your four goals.
  • A timeline for completion including any resources required
  • A risk management plan including identification, risk rating and mitigation plan for each risk.



Example for Risk Management Plan

Risk Identification Risk Rating Mitigation Plan
Lack Customer Satisfaction Medium The risks can be reduced by developing and growing staff. The staff expertise will be improved by giving training to them; all-rounder training will be given to them that customer attending staff can also act as a rider when required.
Ethical Challenges Low In order to attain ethical and legal status the pizza Napoli will involve in more and more societal work such as local hiring’s will be made from Sydney, however, cross functional teams would be made to assist it’s working in different areas, this will reduce unemployment.
Supervision Lack Medium Stronger supervision will be required thus new managers from local areas would be appointed so that they can have better control of the locally hired persons. Eligibility of candidates must be made tougher.
Competitors Higher Innovation can help beat competitors. The skilled human capital will be appreciated like innovation in products used in the kitchen to increase output and taste, thus training process will be given every now and then. Staff must be innovative.


  • Include in your risk plan a possibility that skilled staff may be difficult to recruit.
  • A process to monitor and review the implementation of the plan.



The CEO of a Brisbane International Hotel has come to you as the Human Resource Manager to develop a new Human Resource Strategic Plan. The Plan is needed because there are going to be significant changes in the Hotel because of the following:

  • Restaurant and bar areas figures have increased by 35% and need enlarging.
  • The 300 rooms require an upgrade costing $2,000,000 and the refurbishments will be carried out floor by floor, there are 15 floors with 20 rooms on each floor.
  • Telecommunications in all area of the hotel will require upgrading. This includes a new support program for the HR department, bookings and restaurant.
  • 25% of the people staying in the hotel are now coming from the Asia and the Middle Eastern countries with 50% from Europe and America and Canada, and the remainder from the local market.



  1. How will the plan be monitored and reviewed?


  1. What steps should take to adapt your plan if conditions change during its implementation?




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