Create a drawer assembly, and you will create an appropriately dimension-ed and annotated drawer assembly drawing.

For Homework 10, you will add the spot welds to the drawing for the drawer from HW09, you will create a drawer assembly, and you will create an appropriately dimensioned and annotated drawer assembly drawing.

Part 1:  Show spot welds on your Drawer-Bin drawing from HW09 (2 pts):

•Start with your drawing from Homework 9
•Add circles to indicate 3 spot welds, 2 mm diameter MIN, on the bin corner flaps X 2 PLACES (right view)
•Add centerlines, dimensions, and a weld symbol annotation as shown in slides for Lesson 12
Part 2:  Create a 3D Weldment Assembly consisting of your Drawer-Bin and my Handle:

•Start with the DRAWER-BIN you made for HW09
•Add the HANDLE-BIN from the assignment on Isidore
•Mate it so it is centered on the drawer, 5 mm from the top, and against the drawer front
•Hint:  The center alignment is VERY EASY if you first add a Center Plane to each part
•Add 4 Fillet Weld Beads, each 1.2 mm wide located as shown below
•The weld beads along the vertical edges start at the top and are 7.5 mm long
•Turn on Weld bead view (Top menu:  ViewàWeld Bead)
 Part 3:  Make a Weldment Assembly Drawing:
•Create a new D-SIZE ANSI-MM Drawing
•Add  3 Orthographic views of DRAWER-ASM.SLDASM – Front, Right, Top
•Add 1 full size or half size Isometric view in the upper right corner
•Add a section view, cut with a VERTICAL section line through the center of the Front View.  Place that section view to the left of the Front View.
•Add Overall Length, Width, Depth dimensions to the assembly drawing
•Add enough dimensions to FULLY LOCATE the position of the Handle on the Drawer
•Add weld notes to cover the 4 Fillet Welds in the assembly.  You can use “2X” or similar to reduce the number of notes.
•Add a BOM (Bill of Material) with a unique part number and description for the Handle and the Drawer. Include Balloons with Item Numbers pointing to the appropriate parts.
Use Pack and Go (or zip the appropriate folder) to create a .zip file to upload to Isidore including:
•The Handle .sldprt file (you got it from Isidore)
•The Drawer .sldprt file (you made it for HW09)
•The drawing for the Drawer .slddrw (you made it for HW09, but you added spot welds to it
•Your DRAWER-ASM.SLDASM file (you made it for HW10)
•Your drawing for the Drawer Assembly .slddrw (you made it for HW10)
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