Create a ½ day (3 hours no less/no more) training intervention. You will report the details of the training session using the Training Plan Log (Final Assignment Template) located in the documents listed under the Final Assignment Tab.


The final assignment in this course requires you to create a ½ day (3 hours no less/no more) training intervention. You will report the details of the training session using the Training Plan Log (Final Assignment Template) located in the documents listed under the Final Assignment Tab. The Training Plan Log has been modified for this assignment to include an additional column. You are expected to use the additional column to provide a rationale/reason for why each element of your intervention was chosen and the purpose you expect it to serve. The Training Plan Log is 5 pages. You may or may not need all of these pages. Delete those that you do not need before turning in your final assignment. If you need additional pages, copy and paste additional blank pages onto the end of the five to create extra pages. This will ensure that the formatting carries over. To determine what your training should be based upon use one of the following options:

 consider an issue facing your current workplace that could be addressed through effective training

 consider an issue facing a previous workplace where you were

employed that could be addressed through effective training  talk to a family member or friend about a particularly pressing issue in

their place of work that could be addressed through appropriate training

When choosing a topic for training be sure to meet the following criteria:

 choose a soft skill (not a hard skill)  focus on a few (one to three tops) training objectives to avoid having

too much and doing too little on each objective

Overall, the final assignment will require you to do the following:

 identify a single or limited set of specific training objectives  set a timetable for training that takes into account what you have learned

about training techniques and adult learners  identify and arrange the content for the training intervention  identify and arrange the methods to be used in the training  identify the resources needed for each component of the training

intervention  be clear about the reason and purpose for all elements in the training

intervention A CAUTIONARY NOTE While it may look as if you are simply filling out a table, please do not be fooled by the brevity of what you will be turning in for the final assignment. Completing the Training Log accurately, coherently, and effectively will entail devising a well crafted training intervention. Completing the form then is only a small portion of the effort and expertise that goes into the assignment. Thoroughness versus carelessness will be reflected in what you submit. Keep in mind that the final assignment, a cumulative reflection of your mastery of the key components of the course, is worth 200 points. The Final Assignment Rubric that appears below will be used to assign your grade. Specific and precise detail will determine the exact mark within these cut off points.

Final Assignment Grading Rubric


Clearly references and applies course content well,

and demonstrates



References course content but could apply

it better. Demonstrates understanding.


References course content but does not

display understanding.


Fails to reference

course content or to display

understanding. Credit only for completing the



Fails to meet the minimum guidelines for

the assignment.

Tips for Completing The Training Plan Log Final Assignment

You will do well on this assignment if:

 you propose and articulate well a comprehensive T&D training intervention on a specific topic

 you have clear and attainable training objectives  you provide sufficient detail for each and every step in the process  you ensure that the parts of your training intervention are well connected and

that they clearly link and fit well together  you show that you have a solid command of the course content  your provide ample detail (e.g., naming and describing a self-assessment

instrument versus just simply saying you will use one; describing an actual case study in detail that will be used instead of just listing that one will be used, or saying how exactly a role play will unfold — as say role reversal, fishbowl, etc. and what the roles will be — versus just saying you will have a role play)

Your score will suffer if:

 you do not provide a complete training intervention  your training intervention is poorly organized and disconnected  your training objective does not match the choices made in the training

intervention or is poorly conceived to begin  you fail to provide sufficient detail for any steps in the intervention process  you have a poor or weak rationale/purpose for including elements

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