Contemporary Issues in Luxury

2000 word limit

You may choose from the following two essay titles.  Please submit an essay on your chosen topicthrough Turn It In.

Choice 1:

The global market for counterfeit goods is estimated at $700 billion, accounting for 7% of world trade (WCO, 2009).  This is predominantly demand driven.  Discuss.

Choice 2:

The luxury industry has increasingly been criticised for it’s poor commitment towards the issue of global sustainability. Discuss.


In your essay DEMONSTRATE:

a) Knowledge and understanding

A1: Understand the impact of global contextual forces on organisations operating within the luxury market. This includes legal systems, ethical, economic, social and technological change issues.

A5: Appreciate the concept of luxury from a historical and cultural perspective.


b) Cognitive skills

B1: Demonstrate critical thinking and creativity when analysing business and management issues. This includes organising thoughts, analysis, synthesis, and critical appraisal.


c) Practical and professional skills

C1: Communicate effectively complex ideas and arguments, utilising a range of media appropriately.


d) Key transferable skills

D2: Engage in active critical self-reflection.


D4: Demonstrate cultural sensitivity, and critical awareness of ethical issues.


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