Conduct a Porter’s Five-Force analysis on One industry.


Conduct a Porter’s Five-Force analysis on One industry.

Evaluate each of the five forces.  Determine relevant aspects of each force in the particular industry, and summarize with your evaluation of the strength of each force.  Based on this analysis, determine the recommendations you would make for:

–a firm already in the particular industry

–a firm considering entering the particular industry


PPF #3

  1. Please watch the following video by Edward Muzio, CEO of Group Harmonics and author of Make Work Great, regarding high performing teams:
  2. Complete the assignment.



Assignment Questions:

  1.        Distinguish between a group and a team.
  2. Review the four stages of team development:  Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.
  3. Discuss the following terms and concepts:

-Team Norms

-Team Cohesiveness

-Team Conflict

-Social Loafing

-Virtual Teams

  1. Please consider a team that you worked in: how can team cohesiveness be improved in a team?


Module 6 Assignment

Please watch this video and the attached article and write a reflection paper on global business.



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