Conceptualise the labour market as mediated by race, gender, ethnicity age, disability and sexuality

Students are requested to address the following question:

A 9th April 2014 Straits Times report quoted an article from the Singapore-based Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE): “The statistics are discomforting. But while discussions about discrimination can be difficult, they are also necessary. And there is no better time for them than now, when the (Singapore) Government is itself focusing on the issue. Research suggests that workforce diversity leads to greater productivity and innovation. A 2011 Forbes Insight study surveyed 321 top executives from several MNCs. Fully 85 per cent believed that greater social diversity helped drive innovation by encouraging different perspectives and ideas” (Moana & Edwina, 2014)


The requirement of this assignment is that student will take several of the issues raised by the literature (and other related literature) and from reports in relation to equality and diversity issues and explain the reason why they should be of interest for policy makers and organisations.


This assignment consists of two key components.  The first component is about presenting statistics from the labour market in Singapore. The second component requires students to discuss the importance of the issue of labour market segregation for the national and organisational policy-makers (governments and managers).


– Conceptualise the labour market as mediated by race, gender, ethnicity age, disability and sexuality

– Identify and discuss the natuonal evidence which supports this suggestion

– why should national and organizational policy- makers be concerned about segregation of the labour market


  1. This assignment should be 1,500 words in total.
  2. The assignment should be fully and correctly referenced. A bibliography is mandatory. at least 10 references from 8 sources

III.        The assignment should be written in the form of an academic essay, which means it has to have an introduction, the main argument and a conclusions


(Source: Moana J, Edwina S (2014) for the Straits Times, 2014, Report on AWARE, The Straits Times, 9 April 2014, 30)


Assessment Criteria:

The criteria used to assess your assignment will be as follows:

  1. Structure and organisation of material:  Introduction, definitions, structure of central arguments, conclusions.
  2. Incorporation and integration of relevant academic literature or appropriate material, into an applied, organisational setting.

III.        Critical analysis: quality of arguments which go beyond description.

  1. Writing style and quality of presentation
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