Computer software packages to produce output for many of the above techniques.

You are required to read the provided Case Study document.The purpose of the full System Requirements Report is to guide and enable your fictional client to make a rational selection from options for a proposed computer application.

For example, you will need to complete the following:

  •  Use cases
  •  ERD and Domain Model class diagrams
  •  System Sequence Diagrams
  •  Project Management charts with progress against tasks
  •  Conclusions and recommendations


    You are required to use appropriate computer software packages to produce output for many of the above techniques. This approach should assist you with the inevitable changes that you (or another analyst, in a real life system) will need to make, and also gives a better quality and hence more readable result. Hand-drawn diagrams are not suitable for this project.

Your assignment must be your original work.

You must not copy material from books, magazines, internet sources or other students’ assignments. Of course, you may include direct quotes from any source, but these must be small (e.g. one sentence or one paragraph) and must be properly referenced, using the Harvard Referencing Style. The value and relevance of including materials from another source must be fully explained.

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