Computer Network Design

LAN Design and Implementation

We have been asked to design a VLAN network for a large company. The company currently have around 726 hosts in 9 departments over 3 sites.

• Complete a fully working network for this company (.pkt file required). Because of Packet Tracer’s limitations, the actual design might be different (explain the reason for using packet tracer design that is deferent from the actual design.
• Use the three layer hierarchical model (Access layer, distribution layer, and core layer) to choose appropriate devices and provide a detailed physical topology diagram.
• Detail an appropriate VLAN Implementation for the hosts (each department has a VLAN).
• Summarize the VLSM Private addressing scheme you will use
• Compare and contrast EIGRP and OSPF routing protocols and evaluate which is the correct routing solution for the design( we are going to use CISCO hardware so I think EIGRP will be a good choice).
• Explain the concept of VLANs and virtual Trunking protocol.
• Evaluate the role VLANs and VTP will play in the proposed solution.
• Should include at least three different sources of references and all of this should be fully referenced according to Harvard referencing standards.

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