Compose a 5-7 page essay on dating in the digital world.

After reading and responding to Ansari’s text, Modern Romance, and other class texts, you will need to compose a 5-7 page essay on dating in the digital world.


Ansari’s main take away from writing his book, Modern Romance, is that “Finding someone today is probably more complicated and stressful than it was for previous generations–but you’re also more likely to end up with someone you are really excited about” (236). Do you agree with this statement: Do you think dating today is more stressful? Do you think people today have a better chance of finding someone to be excited about? Explain your answer using your own experiences, places from Ansari’s text, and other outside sources, either from our class or from Moorpark College’s online databases.


Length: 5-7 pages

Outside sources: 4-6 sources (one must be Ansari’s text and at least 2 must be from the library’s databases)

Citations: In-text and a Works Cited page

Format: MLA



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