Complete Smith’s directions and the instructions in the email.

Resource: Blossoms Up! case study and Email No. 1

Numerous emails have been sitting in the HR Director’s in-box for two months. Smith is highly agitated that none of his have been responded to. Now that you are hired, he has asked you to address the emails immediately.

Read Email No. 1 concerning a report needed to apprise Smith about employment laws. 

Complete Smith’s directions and the instructions in the email.

Use headings to appropriately signal the topics and keep your document organized.

Use a minimum of five in-text citation sources within your paper and identify them in your SPA correctly formatted References page.

Employment Law Compliance Plan

From:              “CEO Smith”


Date:                Nov 1, 2015 2:32:49 PM

Susan, Andrea has advised me that compliance issues following employment laws should be taken seriously because failure to do so could be costly for the company. As far back as I can recall, our company has never given any kind of training on federal employment laws. I think it’s time our supervisors and managers, including senior management, had some training in this area. Please identify the most relevant employment laws we must know in order to create an employment law compliance plan. Please get a report to me as soon as possible on this matter. Also, I want you to ultimately turn this information into an Employment Laws Training video that you will present to the Board of Directors.


Seth Smith, CEO

Blossoms Up!

Required elements:

·        At least four employment laws.

·        A brief summary of each law and the consequences of noncompliance with those laws.

·        Cite all appropriate research used and format quotations, in-text citations, and reference page in SPA style.

·        No more than 1,050 words.

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