Complete 20 Excel tutorials using YouTube videos.

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As Course Project in this class you will need to complete 20 Excel tutorials using Youtube videos. This “refresher” course is a required assignment.  You will complete all tutorials during the first 2 weeks of class and submit, using blackboard, the completed spreadsheet by the end of Week 2.

To complete the Excel Tutorials using Youtube, follow the instructions below

Instructions – Youtube Tutorials:

Go to

From the list of tutorialsattached, copy the first tutorial “Office 2010 Class #21: Excel Formulas & Functions” and paste it to the Search. Search it and select the tutorial by ExcelisFun. Do the same for all tutorials.

Open and watch the Excel videos –  you must watch the first 11 Excel Basics ALL videos and follow along with the instructor by completing the “Excel2010IsFun!START” spreadsheet (also attached here).

Open the Excel file. You will note that each spreadsheet in the file is the same as the one used by the instructor at the start of each video. You should use your file to follow along with the instructor as he goes through each exercise.

Save the file at the end of each video.

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