Compare and contrast the pros and cons of each segmentation strategies (look at exhibit 3)

Dr. Ang – MKTK 508

Case 1 (Fall 2016) (100 Pts) The Fashion Channel

Access the case:

Click on this link, register (follow the instructions on the web page), and purchase the case (it costs $4.25 for each student).

Case Title: THE FASHION CHANNEL (Email me right away if you have difficulty purchasing the case.)


1) Provide a short summary of the case. (10 points)

2) What do you think are the major challenges, problems, and limitations for TFC according to the case? (10 points)

Please discuss this question by considering some of the following issues: a. Competitors (e.g., CNN and Lifetime channels) b. Current marketing strategy c. Target audience d. Product offering e. Revenue streams (how they obtain revenue) f. The category(s) that advertisers consider in choosing the channel to advertise their product on.

3) Based on the reading, please answer the following sub questions: a. Please compare and contrast the pros and cons of each segmentation strategies (look at exhibit 3) (20 points) b. If you were Dana Wheeler, please decide and discuss at least two segmentation strategies that you think TFC must take in order to stay competitive and profitable in the future? (20 points)

In answering this question, I would like you to try to incorporate the data from the exhibits to support your argument.

Exhibit 1: Demographics and competitor comparison Exhibit 2: National Consumer Survey Exhibit 3: Clusters of TFC’s viewers Exhibit 4: Ad revenue comparison Exhibit 5: TFC Estimated Financials for 2006 and 2007

Dr. Ang – MKTK 508

4) Based on Chapter 6 reading (Identifying Market Segments and Targets) in the textbook, how can TFC form a better segmentation to target their viewers? (In answering this question, I would like to see your creative ideas) (30 points)

Make sure you read chapter 6 before attempting to answer this question. For example, you can approach this questions by looking at the bases for segmenting consumer markets. 5) Overall writing style (e.g., coherence, compelling argument, clarity, etc.) and use of language (professional, grammatically correct, organized, succinct, and clear). (10 points)

Important Reminders:  I also require you to have at least five citations for each case writeup. You can get these citations from any sources (e.g., academic journal publication and internet sources)

 Plagiarism = 0 points automatically (Plagiarism is… taking another person’s work without giving appropriate credit). The way I check for plagiarism is to google a certain sentence that I feel very artificial and usually I will know whether you plagiarize or not.

 This is an individual assignment, which is intended to assess your understanding of the text materials and opinion on the issues at hand. No two individual students should have the same response. All similar sets of responses will receive grades of zero (0) for the entire assignment.

 Your write-up should be an essay that contains paragraphs (not just a bunch of bullet points). Do not label your responses using Q1, Q2, and so on. Instead, use a central theme to integrate all your responses in a coherent way. Do not include my questions/instructions in your write-up! You may use sub-headings to show key topics of discussion but do not copy and paste my questions/instructions in your actual writeup!

 Although I do not have minimum page requirement, you are graded on how thorough and thoughtful your responses are. It is very easy for me to spot a rushed answer. I do not like to give MBA students minimum page requirements. However, be aware that I can easily judge the quality of your work using other more relevant criteria than the number of pages.

 You must apply the concepts in the relevant chapters when writing up your response. Your opinion should be based on the concepts we have discussed. Remember, I am assessing whether or not you have understood the concepts correctly and are able to apply

Dr. Ang – MKTK 508

in a real-world situation. Not using relevant concepts will result in poor or even failing grades.

 Do not overuse direct quotes from the case, unless the meaning will be lost if paraphrased. You should paraphrase as much as possible.

 Please use Times New Roman and font size 12. As usual, formal language must be used and your write-up should be professional, grammatically correct, neat, organized, succinct, and clear. You will be graded on your writing style (e.g., coherence, compelling argument, clarity, etc.)

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