Compare and contrast the concepts of determinism, compatibilism, and libertarianism. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these positions? Which one do you believe is the most likely to be correct? Why?

Paper should be 6-7 pages in length when double-spaced and using a 12 point font. Include at least four sources; All sources must be cited (must have an end note or a foot note) and the source included in a bibliography. The format of the citations and bibliography must be of a nationally accepted formatting system such as MLA or APA.

COMMAND OF TOPIC (up to 50 points)

Essay addresses assignment, and demonstrates independent thinking and familiarity with course materials.


Essay shows careful development of related ideas in coherent, sequential paragraphs.

ORGANIZATION (up to 10 points)

Student has edited the essay, ensuring that sentences are clear and logical.

WRITING MECHANICS & SYNTAX (up to 10 points)

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