Communication Method: State the communication method involved. If multiple methods, state all of them and the stages involved.


You are going to write a short experiential piece on customer support. It should be your personal (real) experience.
Do not try and write an imaginary case. Future assignments will be based on this piece so please write it as honestly
as possible from the view of a customer. [Please read Assignment 3 to understand what this setting is all about. It can
be a bad experience with a mobile phone service provider, an over-the-counter service in a fast food outlet, supermarket,
theme park or just about any place, business or organisation.]

Important Note: Attempting to contact any emergency service to obtain data for this assignment is not permitted and
will automatically attract a zero mark for this assignment.  Doing so is also an offence under the Commonwealth
Criminal Code Act and is punishable under Australian law.

Answer the following questions by writing in the Journal section of Interact2:
(hints and tips to write this assignment is available under Assignment tab of Interact2)

Q1 – Name/type of Organisation (Not to exceed 30 words)
You are NOT to use any real name of person/s or the organisation/s involved. Kindly use pseudonyms for personal
names. For organisations, use ABC Phone Company, XYZ Supermarket, CDE Government Agency, etc.
Provide a short background to this organisation if necessary.

Q2 – Communication Method (Between 5 to 50 words)
State the communication method involved. If multiple methods, state all of them and the stages involved.

Q3 – Describe the Problem or Enquiry  (About 500 words)
Write for the reader. Be as detailed as possible about your experience.

Q4 – Resolution or Proposal for Resolution (About 300 words)
Now write from the view of the other side as what could have been done to resolve the case. Outline steps or processes
that you may deem necessary for this to happen. If the case was resolved, explain how it was resolved.

Referencing is not a requirement of this assessment item. You need not write in third person.

Presentation Formatting Requirements (2 marks):
1. Journal space on Interact2 presentation text width between 85-95 characters including spaces.
2. Font types and sizes consistent (use Arial 12pt) throughout and paragraphs well formed.
3. Meet word limits in each question (allowance of +/- 5%)
(Failure to follow all the above rules, eg. if you do not meet word limit for Q3 but meet for the others, this is considered
as not meeting word limit for all: no partial mark allocated.)
4. Submit answers to all work in one journal entry.
5. No attachments to journal entry allowed.


The tasks in this online test relates to Learning Outcome 2 & 3:

– be able to describe the basic customer relationship skills required in the support environment;

– be able to develop, refine and demonstrate the necessary technical writing skills to write concise and accurate customer contact reports;






Marking criteria


Criteria HD DI CR PS FL
Be able to describe basic customer relationship skills in the support environment Able to provide correct answers to basic customer relationship skills and able to answer all questions in this area. Able to provide correct answers to most question that relates

to basic customer relationship skills

Able to provide correct answers to some questions that relates to basic customer relationship skills Able to provide correct answers to a few questions that relates to  basic customer relationship skills Unable to answer most questions correctly
Possible Marks 8.0 7.0 5.5 4.0 0



Criteria HD DI CR PS FL
Presentation Formatting (as defined above) Meets all rules stated Meets all rules; spelling/grammatical mistakes Does not meet any one rule or reference list with 3 or more mistakes Did not meet two or more rules or reference list has more than 6 mistakes


Did not meet three or more rules and/or major error in Reference List (eg. APA 6th edition not used)
Possible Marks 2.0 1.8 1.7 1.5 0



Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: