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The intention of this pro-forma is to provoke and lead discussion, and to help to divide topics into the 5
areas that the students’ essays should be focused on.
It is not anticipated that every job will have something to say for each of the questions, and the focus of the
conversation should be led by the project in question. An even distribution of time to each section would be
helpful, however, as each of the 5 students will write their essay on a different section (SECTION 1). The students should
discuss with the architect which issues impacted the most / least on the project and how (under each
Sensitive data should not be shared unless all parties are happy that it can be.
The students’ task is to take this information and write a short essay (1000 words) on one of the sections
that describes the project and puts it in the context of the industry as a whole. As well as simply presenting
the facts of the project and the practice in question, the report should seek to evaluate and develop a critical
discussion of the project. The best responses will situate the project within a wider context and will draw on
other sources to begin a discussion about the effectiveness and appropriateness of the decisions made.

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