Class of: Peacekeeping: Structure and Process

Class of: Peacekeeping: Structure and Process


New: Research Question, Purpose Statement, and Citation Format Exercise (10 PAGES)


Research Question (May be one of the topic is :ITALIAN PEACKEPER IN LEBANON)


The first assignment for the course due week 3 involves preparing for your final research paper. 

The components of this assignment include a research question and a purpose and design statement. It must contain at least 8 sources, at least 6 of which must be peer-reviewed. The specific research question should relate to a topic covered in the course.


Length: 10 pp. inclusive.




The purpose of this assignment is to formulate the topic you’ll research and design a “game plan” for getting the research done. As you work more on the topic, it will inevitably change and refine — it’s okay if there are some rough edges in your design because the whole point of research is to find and solve problems.


Assignment Components


  • Introduce the research question and topic. What question does your paper set out to answer? Elaborate: why is the question important and on what problems or debates can it shed light? (1/2-1 page).
    • Relevance. Which one of our course topics does your question address? Explain why the topic is relevant to the course (1/4-1/2 page).
    • Purpose and design statement. In this section, (a) use the above sections to develop a clear statement of what the purpose of your research will be (1/4 page). Then, (b) present a design for your research. Every topic comes with different requirements and problems. How will you conduct your research in a way that’s most suitable for the topic? Do you anticipate any roadblocks or limitations to the research? What kinds of sources will be most useful for your topic? What kinds of sources will not be useful? (part a+b = 2 pages)
    • List of 8 sources. Six sources must be peer-reviewed. (1 page). Sources should be listed in Chicago/Turabian style (see below).


Writing Expectations

All assignments for the School of Security and Global Studies (papers, essays, exams, and Forums) must follow the Chicago Style Manual guidelines. Refer to Kate Turabian, , Theses, and Dissertations, 7th ed. Chicago: University 
of Chicago Press.

All written submissions should be submitted in Times New Roman 12 pt font with 1” margins, typewritten in double-spaced format. Graduate-level work is expected to be free of grammar, usage, and style errors.




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