Clarify what gap in the literature your study would fill and why that gap is important to fill.


The Introduction assignment should include the following sections with the following labels. You should write in full sentences and paragraphs; this is not an outline.

Write an introduction (approx. 3 pages) in which you review the general topic
area, summarize relevant literature, culminating in a critical evaluation of one particular
issue that could be addressed empirically. Cite and discuss your starting papers and other relevant papers that you have found during your literature search. You must cite at least 5 articles (you will cite more for the final paper). Clarify what gap in the literature your study would fill and why that gap is important to fill. Your literature review should also
establish the historical context of previous work, and your proposed study, and the theories upon which prior work has drawn.

Hypothesis. State your hypothesis. Your hypothesis should follow logically from a theoretical framework and empirical support provided in your literature review. It should provide a hypothetical answer to the question you posed at the end of your review (and in your
objective) grounded in theory and prior research.

Proposed Method
This method section should include separate participants, apparatus, design, and procedure sections (2 pages). Participants should include proposed subject recruitment, and apparatus should include description of materials your experiment will use, including any questionnaires or surveys. The design should specify dependent and independent variables you will be using and the number of factors and levels (in design notation), if applicable. It should also outline methods of control that you will be using and why (i.e. what sorts of confounds will you be guarding against?). Also state variables that you will not be controlling.

References. All references included on separate page in APA format.

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