Clarify the exact nature of the references that are acceptable.

Teachers outline is as follows:
This document will hopefully answer most questions you may have about the research paper. It will also clarify the exact nature of the references that are acceptable.

Format: Either MLA or APA style is acceptable.

Submission: Please submit as a cut and paste directly to the page.

Topic: Any topic in educational psychology is acceptable. Remember two important points: 1)It should be a topic that is well defined and amenable to a teacher interview, and 2)It should be a topic that you can find empirical research on. Check out the website for ideas for paper topics. The website will also direct you to research you might use for your paper.

Empirical Research: The focus of the research paper involves integrating your teacher interview, fundamentally the beliefs, attutudes and opinions of your interviewee on the topic of choice, with empirical research on that same topic. I am distinguishing empirical research from other types of research/references you might be tempted to include. The opinions, beliefs, attitudes, philosophies, musings, etc. of “experts” real or imagined, if not explicitly supported by data you present in your paper does NOT constitute acceptable research for this paper. Acceptable research is empirical in nature, research that reports on a systematic study or studies which include data collected and analyzed from subject samples. Educational journals and publications as well as the internet is full of talking heads giving their opinion or summaries of other’s research…this is not acceptable for this paper (see Primary Sources below).

Primary Sources: Acceptable references are primary source references. Original work published in professional journals, edited volumes, or first authored books. Secondary source material like textbooks, review papers or books, encyclopedias, or non-professional or popular magazines are not acceptable.

Online References: Generally speaking the only online references that are acceptable are those that are peer reviewed and appear in print somewhere (e.g. an online version of a published journal article). Of course they must also be empirical and primary source in nature. Peer reviewed refers to the process whereby experts in the field (usually an editorial board) have reviewed the work for accuracy in methodology, analysis and conclusions.

A Final Word: If you have any remaining questions please ask. If you are unsure of the appropriateness of a particular reference ask as well rather than assuming an answer.

Evaluation is on
The research paper has been described earlier in the Course Learning Activities portion of the course Introduction. Phase 1 of the assignment where you present a draft of your teacher interview questions for class discussion, and the final interview based on any revisions will earn 25 points. Phases 2 and 3 where you transcribe the interview and integrate it into a 5-8 page research paper on you topic will earn 125 points.

My Chosen interview questions are as follows

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