Choose ONE COMPANY SPECIFIALLY BY NAME to research on how that company is taking steps to redesign their product/packaging (Design for Environment), using/generating renewable energy, recycling their raw material waste, recycling their consumer packaging, logistics improvements, and other lifecycle green concepts. There are many companies moving toward green engineering and some even advertise their efforts on TV. You may use the library, the web, or any other source for your data. Gather as much information on your topic for that company as you can. Be inventive, find out details other than using hyped up sales brochures seen on most company websites.


Use the following topics:

• Company of focus

• A brief overview of their products and company history

• Describe what they are doing to support the sustainability effort

• Describe why they are doing it

• Cite any laws, international agreements, protocols, EPA recommendations, even their own company created policy. (note that some companies go above and beyond EPA standards)

• How their effort effects humanity and the environment

• Economic cost benefit analysis

• Charts, graphs, video are encouraged

• At least 3 sources of information as footnotes or separate bibliography

• As a conclusion of your report, state your opinion whether this company is using the right (or wrong) approach and should other companies start adopting their methods?

The written report will be double spaced, font size=12, can include graphics (remember to cite the source), and atleast 4 pages in length.