Choose a primary source from the folder on Blackboard in the Assignments section designated for this assignment.

Apply analytical skills in two places and put the primary source of your choice in “conversation” with a brief section from an upcoming chapter.For this assignment you will use a primary source to evaluate a chapter excerpt of your choosing from the textbook.
It may sound complicated, but it is a simple process. Please use the guidelines below to start and complete your paper. Read them carefully and make sure that you follow each step as you complete your assignment.
1) Choose a primary source from the folder on Blackboard in the Assignments section designated for this assignment.
2) Once you have your document look in your textbook for the corresponding chapter. If your document is about slavery during the Antebellum Period, use the textbook chapter about Antebellum life. If it is about African identity in the Atlantic world, use the chapter that focuses on Africans in the Caribbean.
3) Next you MUST locate the section within the chapter that you will use to write the paper. For example, if your primary source is about the Middle Passage, you only need the chapter section that discusses the journey from Africa to the Americas and Europe.

4) Within the chapter section that corresponds to your primary source you will choose ONE PASSAGE to discuss. This should be no shorter than one complete paragraph and no longer than two.
5) The final task here is to address the following questions:
 How do these two pieces of historical evidence support each other?
 How do they challenge each other?
 What conclusions can we make about African American life and identity during the
historical period you have chosen based on the excerpt and the primary source?
 What unanswered questions do your sources raise about life in early America for African
American people and why are they important?
Your paper must be 1000-1200 words in length (approximately 4-5 pages). It should be written in twelve point Times New Roman font, and double spaced with one inch margins all around. You will need no additional sources and no bibliography page. text citations or footnotes so that I can see where you took your text passage from. For the text citation, the chapters that i uploaded will be numbered 1,2,3..etc so please use those numbers to do the citations

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