Case 6, “ The Waiter Rule: What Makes for a Good CEO?”

Complete the answers to the three questions at the end of Case 6 “The Waiter Rule: What Makes for a Good CEO?”, pp. 624-625.

Case 6, “ The Waiter Rule: What Makes for a Good CEO?”

1) Is character an essential ingredient in ethical leadership?  Is it especially important in managers? In leadership, especially among CEOs, is character important? Why?

2) Do you agree with the Waiter Rule? Does it provide useful insights into who might be an ethical or unethical leader? Should corporate boards consider character when hiring someone for the top position?

3) Is using the Waiter Rule too simplistic a guideline for hiring people in important positions such as CEO?



Carroll, A. & Buchholtz, A. (2012). Business and society: Ethics, sustainability, and stakeholder

management (8th ed.). Florence, KY: South-Western College Publishing

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