Business Management Strategy: Case Study

Based on your observations from the course materials, readings, other research Assessment 2, (order 2428960) prepare a list of strategic recommendations for The Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre (in particular the MICE/Business Events/Conferencing Market Segment/Business Stream). Linked to theory and your observations and research, personal interviews and other sources conduct a sharp analysis of the internal capabilities of the organisation and scan the external environment (including competitors in Victoria, Australia some are found at for factors that will be influence and drive strategy for this business. Use tools like Porter’s models, McKinsey’s 7’s of strategy and even the balanced scorecard concept or those from A2 to analyse the opportunity and develop your list of recommendations.

As a final goal you will develop a timeline (project plan even – ) for the implementation and responsibilities for those actions which will drive the organisation forward.

This assignment has a tight word limit so you will need to edit hard, use graphics, clever tables and charts to convince your markers you both understand strategy and how to engage an organisation in its execution.

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