“Building HRM Capacity”

Week 2- Discussion 1

“Building HRM Capacity” Please respond to the following:

Imagine you are the consultant for the agency you selected in the Week 1 e-Activity (you may choose from one of the e-Activities). Assume the selected agency is large but poorly performing in a highly visible public program which did not have performance measures for employees. The public program serves over two million citizens across the 52 states. Propose and provide a rationale for two change strategies to address the agency’s performance.


Week 2- Discussion 2

Fragile and Transitional States” Please respond to the following:


Build on your previous discussion answer about change strategies and performance measures, and analyze issues and / or needs associated with strengthening the competency-base of employees in meeting the needs of globalization.


Recommend at least two strategies the agency needs to adapt to meet those issues and / or needs effectively.



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