Briefly paraphrase the passage(s) and focus instead upon providing your analysis and supporting your argument(s).

1. The essays should be Double-Spaced and written in Times New Roman font with a point size of 12.

2. The top, bottom, left, and right margins should all be the standard 1″ in size.

3. The single-spaced header on the first page should include your Name and the Chapter/Document Number from which your analysis is drawn. There is no need for a header on any subsequent page. There is also no need for a Title. Please be aware that if you should decide to include in your submission a Title that this will not be counted towards your minimum length requirement.

4. All submitted PDAs must be a MINIMUM length of ONE (1) FULL page. For any document that you choose, you will be asked to address a minimum of two subjects. First, you will be asked to briefly summarize the document highlighting its key points, elements, and/or themes. Secondly, you will be asked to provide an analysis of the historical importance of this document and how it helps you understand the larger historical processes at play in the Textbook chapter it is associated with. If your responses to these two elements were half a page each, you would have met the minimum length requirement of one FULL page. This does not mean 1/2 a page, nor even 3/4 of a page. You will be penalized for any submission that does not meet this minimum length requirement.

5. Because of the short length of these assignments, please avoid directly quoting the document unless it is absolutely essential to your argument. Instead, briefly paraphrase the passage(s) and focus instead upon providing your analysis and supporting your argument(s).

6. There is no need to provide a citation for the single document you are analyzing. However, if you have used outside sources beyond the documents provided in Reading the American Past, please include citations using the MLA Format. This will include in-text citations and a Works Cited Page. The Works Cited Page should be on a separate page at the conclusion of your essay and will not count towards the minimum length requirement.

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