Briefly describe potential markets of F&amp.

Chosen Company: Fish & Co (Restaurant owned by a Singaporean Mr Ricky Chew)
Chosen Country: Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea
1. To provide reasons for the need of company expansion specific to Fish & Co. Use Internal Analysis (International Brand Recognition, Local Competition) & External Analysis (Growth Oppotunities Overseas, Government Support).
Briefly describe potential markets of F&B industry in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea. To choose Hong Kong as choice of country and provide strong supporting evidence as to why Fish & Co should enter that market. Choose a city in Hong Kong that will be best for Fish & Co to be strategically located at, preferable somewhere buzzing with activity and places where a lot of families gather.

2. Do target market analysis. (300 words)
Write about Hong Kong’s demographic (age/income), lifestyle variable (public awareness of healthy food, similarity of lifestyle between Singapore and Hong Kong) & buyer Behavior (ie. consumer expenditure.

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